Harmonic Techniques with Dr. Eyal Lederman DO (ID nummer: 486883)

30 november 2023 02 december 2023
Ericssonstraat 2, 5121 ML Rijen, Netherlands

ID-nummer: 486883

Opleidingsinstituut: Panta Rhei

Als u als professional deze cursus gevolgd heeft dan wordt de presentie ingegeven door de opleider.


The workshop has a large practical component in which participants will be shown specific Harmonic Techniques that can be applied to different areas and joints in the body.


Understanding of the biomechanical, physiological and neurological processes associated with Harmonic Technique

Understanding of the influence of Harmonic Technique on tissue repair, tissue fluid dynamics and adaptation

An understanding of neurological (analgesic influences) and psychological influences of Harmonic Technique

Be able to effectively apply Harmonic Technique to most joints in the body

Be able to identify conditions which may benefit from Harmonic Technique

Be able to apply Harmonic Technique to specific conditions commonly seen in manual and physical therapy practice

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