Het hart en haar osteopathie

Kapelstraat 8, 2960 Brecht

ID nummer : 391049

Opleidingsinstituut : Still More

Deze driedaagse post-graduaat gaat over osteopathie en het hart. 

Content of the course:

  • The sternum – the mechanics and the clinical testing and its relation to the thoracic morphology and visceral content

  • Testing and corrective ideas of the different ligamentous connections of the heart/pericard

1) in the thorax
2) to the neck and cranium
3) to the abdomen

  • Testing and corrective ideas of the motion of the heart/pericard in the thorax
    1) according motricitiy
    2) according motility
    3) according mobility – from the inside
    4) according mobility – from the outside
    5) according mechanics of the heart
    6) according kinetics of the heart
    7) according kinematics of the heart
    8) basic physiological understanding of the heart

  • Clinical cardiology in osteopathic testing– insight in clinical flags and psychosocial flags


  • After the first module, you will have gained following abilities.

  • Deeper insight in connective thinking of anatomical structures in the thorax with the heart as start or end point. Understanding and applying connective tests for the heart

  • Insight in motion dysfunctions of the sternum supported by ideas of the mechanics and kinetics

  • Being able to discern between a visceral osteopathic dysfunction influencing the sternum and a musculoskeletal dysfunction influencing the sternum and vice versa

  • Understanding the change in diaphragm interactions due to the heart and the specific testing of such interactions in a mechanical or a neurological mode

  • Specifying visceral mobility, motility and motricity of the heart related to the surrounding matrix tissue of the thorax.

  • Palpatory evaluation according a testing protocol, while understanding the connective heart dysfunction in relation with the thorax and towards the totality

  • Understanding basic technique principles for ligamentous connections like balanced ligamentous-membranous tension, fascial active and passive unwinding, mobilisations and manipulations, of the heart

  • Mastering a basic panorama of visceral techniques for the heart connections on a mechanical and kinetic level

  • Putting together an intermediary test & treatment plan for the heart in its connective interaction

  • Understanding the heart from a physiological and clinical point of view – being able to define clinical and psychosocial flags


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