The Osteopathic Approach To Treating Infants With Tongue Tie met Didde Thorsted DO 2022 (ID nummer: 472883)

01 november 2022 01 november 2022
Ericssonstraat 2, 5121 ML Rijen, Netherlands

ID nummer: 472883

Opleidingsinstituut: Panta Rhei

What is tongue-tie (Ankyloglossia)? How do we test and diagnose it? What are the symptoms? What do we treat pre & post frenotomy ? What do we treat if the infant does not undergo a frenotomy? Why do we see more tongue tied infants ? Is it because we are better at diagnosing them or maybe over diagnosing ?

The courses will focus on the treatment of infants, but the approach is applicable to the treatment of older children and adults. 

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