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Publicaties van internationale tijdschriften

(*) = Selectie gemaakt door COME Collaboration


  1. The Profile of Belgian Osteopaths: A Cross-Sectional Survey
    van Dun P.L., Verbeeck J., Arcuri L., Esteves J.E., Cerritelli F., Healthcare 2022, 10, 2136.

  2. Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment Decreases Hospital Stay and Healthcare Cost in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
    Roland H., Brown A., Rousselot A., Freeman N., Wieting J.M., Bergman S., Mondal D., Medicines 2022, 9, 49.

  3. Effectiveness of osteopathic manipulative treatment for pediatric conditions: A systematic review,
    Helge Franke, Jan-David Franke, Gary) Fryer,Elsevier July 2022


  1. Efficacy and safety of osteopathic manipulative treatment: an overview of systematic reviews.
    Bagagiolo D, Rosa D, Borrelli F.
    BMJ Open 2022/04/bmjopen-2021-053468.

  2. Osteopathy in Germany: attitudes, beliefs and handling among general practitioners – results of a nationwide cross-sectional questionnaire survey(*)
    Gordian L. Schmid, Jeremias Kluge, Tobias Deutsch, Anne-Kathrin Geier, Markus Bleckwenn, Susanne Unverzagt & Thomas Frese
    BMC Family Practice volume 22, Article number: 197 (2021)

  3. Single Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment Session Eliminates Percutaneous Coronary Intervention-Induced Upper Thoracic Pain in Elderly Male(*)
    Patricia Hoffman, DO; Dimitry Belogorodsky, DO; Lauren Noto-Bell, DO,
    AAO Journal (2021) 31 (3): 5–8.

  4. Osteopathic treatment in addition to standard care in patients with Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) – A pragmatic randomized controlled trial(*)
    Andreas Lynen, Meike Schömitz, Maik Vahle, Anne Jäkel, Michaela Rütz, Florian Schwerla
    Published:October 13, 2021

  5. Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment in Patients with Anxiety and Depression: A Pilot Study(*)
    Eneida Miranda, DO; Jennifer Giza, DO; Eleonora Feketeova, MD; Cristian Castro-Nunez, DO; Ulrick Vieux, DO, MS; Minh-Duc Huynh, DO, AAO Journal (2021) 31 (3): 9–16.

  6. Overcoming placebo-related challenges in manual therapy trials: the ‘whats and hows’ and the ‘touch equality assumption’ proposals(*)
    Giandomenico D’Alessandro, Nuria Ruffini, Alessio Iacopini, Marco Annoni, Joe Kossowsky, Francesco Cerritelli -
    Published:October 14 2021
    DOI: -

  7. A Review on the Vagus Nerve and Autonomic Nervous System During Fetal Development: Searching for Critical Windows(*)
    Francesco Cerritelli, Martin G. Frasch, Marta C. Antonelli, Chiara Viglione, Stefano Vecchi, Marco Chiera and Andrea Manzotti,
    Front. Neurosci., 20 September 2021,

  8. The Neonatal Assessment Manual scorE: A Reliability Study on Hospitalized Neonates(*)
    Andrea Manzotti, Francesco Cerritelli1, Erica Lombardi, Simona La Rocca, Pamela Biasi, Marco Chiera, Matteo Galli and Gianluca Lista,
    Front. Pediatr., 22 September 2021,

  9. Evidence-based practice among Italian osteopaths: a national cross-sectional survey(*)
    Francesco Cerritelli, Alessio Iacopini, Matteo Galli, Oliver P. Thomson, Tobias Sundberg, Matthew J. Leach & Jon Adams , BMC Complementary Medicine and Therapies volume 21, Article number: 252 (2021) -

  10. Osteopathic Medicine in Four Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain Diseases: An Observational Trial with Follow-Up(*)
    Rotter G · Binting S. · Tissen-Diabaté T. · Ortiz M.a · Brinkhaus B.,  Published by S. Karger AG, Basel, 2021 -

  11. The use of visceral techniques in Australian osteopathic practice: A descriptive cross-sectional study(*)
    Michael Fleischmann - Brett Vaughan - Sandra Grace - Alexander Stewart - Charlotte Hart - Elizabeth Brew - Georgette Masters - Lachlan Smeeton - LydiaThompson - MeganBrooks, Published by Elsevier Ltd, 2021 -

Publicaties op onze website:


  • Wetenschappelijke artikellen - IJOM - Italian profile
    Osteopathy: Italian professional profile. A professional commentary by a group of experts of the European community of practice

  • Wetenschappelijke artikellen - IJOM - Opposing Vaccine Hesitancy
    Opposing Vaccine Hesitancy During the Covid-19 Pandemic - A Critical Commentary and United Statement of an International Osteopathic Research Community


  • Wetenschappelijke artikellen - Osteosurvey OIA + summary
    Gobal review of osteopathic medicine and osteopathy 2020 - Osteopathic International Alliance

  • Wetenschappelijke artikellen - Studie iVOX
    Wat weet ‘de Belg’ over osteopathie?
    Een onderzoek naar het imago en de bekendheid van osteopathie in België. Studie door iVOX - in opdracht van de beroepsvereniging van de Belgische osteopaten (UPOB-BVBO).

    van Dun P, Dobbelaere E, Simons E.
    2020, Brussel. 
    DOI : 452.394.538/iVOX.2020.

  • Richtlijnen en modellen - Covid19
    Gids voor hygiëneadvies voor osteopathiepraktijken.
    Een initiatief van de C.O.ME. Foundation


  • Wetenschappelijke artikellen - Studie HEVO
    Osteopathic care for low back pain and neck pain: a cost-utility analysis
    Verhaeghe N, Schepers J, van Dun P, Annemans L,
    Complementary Therapies in Medicine (2018)
    The aim was to examine the health and economic consequences of osteopathic care for low back pain and neck pain in addition to usual care compared to usual care alone.